Research staff

The centre brings together faculty from around the world to conduct research that advances the understanding and application of responsible leadership. Collaboration is at the heart of the centre’s approach. It works closely with academic colleagues from other institutions and organisational partners from sectors including central and local government, health, defence, finance and manufacturing. The centre’s faculty publish regularly in leading academic journals, appear in global business and management media and inform policy making. 

Professor Alexandra Gerbasi Executive Director and Deputy PVC
Dr Alison Legood Senior Lecturer in Leadership
Dr Allan Lee Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies and Management
Professor Andreas Wihler Associate Professor of Management
Professor Berrin Erdogan  Distinguished Research Professor 
Professor Beverley Hawkins Associate Professor of Leadership Organisation Studies
Associate Academic Dean for Students
Dr Cecile Emery Senior Lecturer in Leadership
Dr Jingnan (Cecilia) Chen Senior Lecturer in Economics
Professor Ciara Eastell OBE Professor of Practice
Professor David Bruce Allen Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean
Professor of Strategy and Business Ethics
Professor David Dose Associate Professor 
Professor Eugene Sadler-Smith  Honorary Associate Professor 
Dr Francesco Cangiano Lecturer in Management 
Professor Greg Allen Professor of Practice
(Director of the Exeter Leadership Partners)
Professor Hannes Leroy Distinguished Research Professor 
Professor Ilke Inceoglu  Professor in Organisational Behaviour & HR Management
Director of Research (Management and Exeter Centre for Leadership) 
Dr Inmaculada Adarves-Yorno  Senior Lecturer in Leadership Studies 
Jackie Bagnall Programme Director, The Exeter MBA 
Professor Jamie Ladge Distinguished Research Professor 
Professor Janaki Gooty  Honorary Associate Professor 
Dr Jesse Fagan Lecturer in Data Analytics 
Professor Jesse Seger Honorary Associate Professor
Professor Jonas Lang Distinguished Research Professor
Dr Kim Peters Associate Professor in Human Resource Management
Professor Leroy White Professor of Management
Head of the Management Department
Professor Miguel Fonseca  Associate Professor of Economics 
Professor Niels Van Quaquebeke Distinguished Research Professor 
Professor Oliver Hauser Associate Professor of Economics
Professor Ronit Kark Distinguished Research Professor
Professor Ruth Sealy Associate Professor of Organisation Studies
Director of Impact
Dr Susan Reh  Senior Lecturer in Management 
Professor Will Harvey Associate Dean Global
Professor of Management 
Dr Emma Jeanes Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies
Dr Christine Parkin Hughes Director of Education in Management
Dr Alexander Thompson Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Director of Postgraduate Research Students (Organisation Studies)
Zexi Li  Phd student 
Aaron Page Phd student
Mengqi Zhang Phd student
Cat Holt Phd student
Liao Yuan-Hsi (Dawn) Phd student
Ky Minh Do Phd student