CSAM seminars

20 March 2019 Pikakshi Manchanda, University of Exeter

SITE Department Paper Development Session 'Understanding Visitor Experience at Cultural Heritage Sites using Text Analytics'.

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20 February 2019 Adela Boak

SITE paper development 'Investigating Customer Experience through the combined effects of interactions at multiple touchpoints-Insights using online customer feedback data from the cultural heritage sector'.

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6 February 2019 Alison Harper, University of Exeter

'Proactive Service Recovery in Emergency Departments: A Hybrid Modelling Approach using Forecasting and Real-Time Simulation'.

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5 December 2018 Cristina Mosconi, University of Exeter

CSAM Seminar: Digital Technologies and Cultural Heritage.

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28 June 2018 Christina Phillips PhD, University of Leeds

CSAM Seminar: The Mangle of Practice as a framework for studying Action Research, Design Science and Participative Modelling.

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