Federico Puga

Federico graduated from Lancaster University (Management Learning) in 1994 and the Catholic University of Chile.

He has a wide range of experiences in academia, consulting and holding executive positions in HR and Executive Development. Some of his previous academic roles include: lecturer of Leadership and Change Management; Strategic Modelling using Systems Thinking; Strategic Human Resources Management and Human Resources Development and the MBA director of the UAH MBA and the joint certificates with Marquette University, University of Notre Dame and Georgetown University. He was also head of consultancy for human resources for PW; has been director of IG, a consultancy firm dedicated to support large organisations in improving its innovation and organisational capabilities, with projects and consulting services with large business and educational organisations in Latin America, he was director of HR management for a large technology organisation in Chile and head of executive development for the Latin-American and Caribbean Region for the same company.

Federico's research interests cover leadership in complexity; strategy implementation and research methods for organisational complexity.

Email: fmp230@exeter.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 7869077493
Address: Centre for Leadership Studies,
University of Exeter,
Streatham Court 1-50
Reenes Drive,

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