CLS Professional Network Membership

Network membership has a rigorous affiliation and selection process and membership requires attendance at three of the four CPD events each year and the payment of an annual fee. Network members who are Fellows and Affiliates all contribute to the running of the activities of the Network.

Membership to the Professional Network is drawn from a wide variety of international professionals interested in leadership. For further information please contact


Affiliates’ main interest in joining the Network is to improve their own practice – whether that is as a leader within an organisation or as a leadership development consultant. Whatever their experience in leadership, they want to stretch their thinking, knowledge and experience in this area. They bring specialist knowledge or expertise in at least one of our areas of strategic priority. They are demonstrably highly skilled leadership professionals and, in applying to be affiliated to the Network, they have achieved recognition in leadership practice.

Membership of the Network as an Affiliate allows experienced professionals to be affiliated with the Centre for Leadership Studies and to take part in a range of continuing professional development (CPD) and network activities. Affiliation involves a rigorous initial audit and annual updating.

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Fellows are appointed by the University and serve in ways that demand considerable unpaid time commitments. The Leadership Fellows are leadership development practitioners with very substantial experience and exceptional track records and a real desire to extend this through close and sustained engagement with CLS, the Business School and the wider University.

Leadership Fellows are Honorary appointments made by the University following a selection process overseen by the Fellowship Appointment Board, appointed by the Dean of the Business School. Being appointed a CLS Leadership Fellow represents a standard of excellence that assures the CLS / BS of access to exceptional expertise. Fellowship is a very different kind and degree of commitment than Affiliateship, to the Centre and the Business School.

When additional Leadership Fellows are recruited, this is done via an advert to Network Members. Fellows are selected from those who meet the eligibility criteria and offer the Leadership Fellows Group, a strategic or global perspective which significantly enhances the contribution to the CLS and Business School. Applicants may be Network members or, occasionally, not previously known to the Network. 

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