Dr Jon Baber

Organisational Development Consultant

Company: Neos Learning. Poole, Dorset
Email: jon@neoslkearning.com

I have a specialisation in Internal Branding and so much of my work involves supporting businesses across the globe with the alignment of teams and individuals to corporate visions and values. This involves a combination of consultancy work, leadership and team development and executive coaching. To do this, I use a combination of experiential learning, brain-based learning and bespoke analytical tools to make the process fast, fun and effective.

I am able to work with the Business School to provide a practitioner’s view of life within the modern business world and give ‘live’ case study examples to them for them to explore and work with.

I am privileged to be an Affiliate Member of the CLS, and aim to contribute fully to the debates and discussions within this group.. I also want to contribute whatever I can practically to share my experiences and personal learning with fellow members.

Tell me everything about …

  • Latest thinking in leadership – practical ideas and theoretical developments.
  • Team working – particularly team coaching and linking team development to organisational culture.
  • Executive coaching – processes and techniques.
  • Evaluation and return on investment – showing how interventions leave individuals, teams and organisations in a better place.

Here is what you should know about working with me:

I am enthusiastic, committed and dependable. I work hard to ensure people I work with get maximum value from that experience. I also look for creative and innovative ways of delivering those interventions and have a passion for making the experience as enjoyable and impactful as possible.

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