"I incorporate psychological expertise, emotional and spiritual intelligence into my coaching and training work."

Helen Sieroda

Coach, Facilitator

Company: Wise Goose Limnited
Email: helen@wisegoose.co.uk


Ask me about the work I do with Clients

I coach leaders at a crossroads or in transition.

I work with a diverse range of clients from public, private and charitable sectors; people who are seeking new ways of sustaining their humanity in the world of work. These are often high achievers with a track record of success who are grappling with ‘big’ questions about how to connect deeper values to pragmatic action through work; questions about the impact of business on wider stakeholder groups, how to develop responsible ‘moral’ business, how to improve staff wellbeing and create ‘good’ work - as well as deliver financial success. Our conversations often involve engaging with tensions and paradoxes between individual aspirations to engage in meaningful work and bottom line business imperatives.

I also facilitate small teams and supervise professional coaches.

I am director of Wise Goose Limited
Wise Goose delivers a ‘values led’ training in professional coaching at foundation and practitioner levels at a stunning venue on Dartmoor.

I have a track record in organization development:
As a trainer I utilise a range of frameworks and tools from positive psychology, psychosynthesis and Action Research to improve practice and the development of self-reflection and systemic thinking.  Action Research was a core component of my MSc in Responsibility & Business Practice (awarded by University of Bath School of Management).

Tell me everything about …

  • What really matters to you? What inspires you?
  • How does the work you do make a real difference to others?
  • How could your organisation stand for something that is worthwhile?
  • At work can you openly discuss when you do not live up to your values?
  • How can you close the gap between - your ‘espoused’ values and actual actions?  What’s your next step?
  • What stops you?

Here is what you should know about working with me:

  • I’ve worked in management, trained as a psychotherapist and undertaken a number of training and consulting roles. I am an ICF (International Coach Federation) Associate Certified Coach and a U.K.  Council for Psychotherapy registered psychotherapist. 
  • I incorporate psychological expertise, emotional and spiritual intelligence into my coaching and training work. 

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