Simon Ricketts

"I believe that we should all be enjoying our work, finding fulfillment within it and stretching the boundaries of our own capabilities."

Simon Ricketts

Masters in Engineering Management (Birmingham), Diploma in Manufacturing and Management (Cambridge), MBA (Warwick)


Simon started his leadership career with Thomson Consumer Electronics, where he combined international project management with line responsibilities - following which he was handed operational responsibilities for TV and consequently air-conditioning unit manufacturing for Toshiba in the UK. In this formative stage in his leadership development, he learnt the power of inclusive and enabling styles of leadership, gaining national and international awards for the operation. With ten years of project and operational management experience, he then in 1999 formed a consulting company dedicated to developing strategic leadership excellence. Since then, he has worked internationally with clients such as The Walt Disney Company, BAE Systems, McLaren, Channel 4, Barclays, and the Department of Health, as well as a plethora of medium-sized organisations in the public, private and third sectors.

Consulting credentials

Consulting career

Simon heads up Warwick-i which provides strategic leadership development services to ambitious organisations that want to take their leadership, strategy and performance to the next level.

Main types of role with clients

The main focus of Simon's work falls into the key areas of:

  1. Strategy facilitation and organisation development with boards and senior teams
  2. Leadership development programme design and delivery
  3. Coaching for leadership

Main activities and with whom

Strategy and organisation development

  • Simon is an effective and experienced facilitator of boards and senior teams in determining the strategies, skills and plans necessary to achieve their goals, and providing the necessary challenge and support to ensure those plans are robust, owned and able to be implemented.
  • Using a range of approaches and frameworks, he works with the tangible elements of strategic planning as well as the softer elements of leadership team capability and dynamics, to help ensure that the necessary changes can be brought about successfully.

Leadership development

  • Bringing together the hard elements of strategic thinking with the behavioural elements of leadership, Simon facilitates and leads leadership development programmes, using a blended approach combining formal and informal learning development techniques.
  • This results in powerful development experiences for participants giving them fresh perspectives, new insights into themselves and others and an impetus and desire to implement changes.

Coaching for leadership

  • Simon also works with senior leaders who wish to fulfill the strategic leadership potential that lies within them, using a range of tools and approaches to help them identify the strategies and development actions that will turn their potential into reality.
  • By focusing on both the hard and soft elements of executive behaviour, and drawing from a range of contemporary models of leading strategically, he helps clients find new ways of being and doing that transform their leadership impact.

Particular areas of expertise

Combining the discipline of strategy and strategic thinking with the emotional and group dynamic aspects to create fresh, creative and exciting possibilities about the future.


Simon has worked at the most senior levels across a very wide range of sectors including technology, media, manufacturing, motorsport, healthcare, government, financial services and higher education.


Simon uses a wide range of psychometric, strategy and culture assessment tools to help inform his work with clients Ð tool selection however is always informed by the need the client has. Psychometric tools include Assess, DISC, emotional intelligence ECI, leadership styles and various 360-degree assessment options.

Geographical spread of clients

Simon has worked internationally including in most European countries and the United States.

Languages spoken and to what standard

Semi-fluent French.

Relevant Professional Training /Qualifications / Memberships

  • Member of the Institute of Business Consulting
  • Chartered Engineer

Academic credentials

Research interests, teaching / study commitments (at Exeter University)

  • Developing Competitive Strategies
  • Effective Change Management
  • Organisational Performance Management
  • Strategic Leadership Programme (Leadership South West)
  • Programme leader on the IoD Chartered Director Programme

Simon is also currently collaborating in research into the links between the way leaders may subconsciously encourage people to conform to undesired and unintended patterns of being, and the conditions of psychological safety and certainty / uncertainty they create through their leadership practice.

Academic qualifications

  • Birmingham University, Masters in Engineering Management
  • Cambridge University, Diploma in Manufacturing and Management
  • Warwick Business School, MBA

Research interests / specialisms

Currently Simon is very interested, and seeking to be active, in looking at the implications of sustainability in business to leadership. He is a member of the CLS Sustainability cluster group.

Personal statement

"I have always believed in the innate potential of people generally and therefore have developed my professional interest and practice around the area of leadership as the primary enabling mechanism through which we can all fulfill our ambitions and purpose. I enjoy working with individuals and groups who have a real desire to take their capability and performance to a different level, and in helping leaders reach fresh perspectives about their organisations as well as about their leadership and selves.

I bring an inquiring, positive aspect to my consulting work that translates into ideas that open up new options and possibilities, and I continually seek to combine and integrate apparently unrelated concepts to find new ways of thinking about existing problems. With a systems (hard and soft) approach, I help clients find holistic solutions and opportunities, always with the human dimension central in my thinking and consciousness.

On top of this, I believe that we should all be enjoying our work, finding fulfillment within it and stretching the boundaries of our own capabilities."

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