Nigel Linacre

“Nigel enables people to lead their lives with a deeper connection with self, team and the world they affect, stimulating a gentle transformation.”

Nigel Linacre


Nigel is co-founder of Extraordinary Leadership and co-author of An Introduction to 3-Dimensional Leadership. Also, together with Jefferson Cann, he co-founded the Extraordinary Leadership Journey which places clients in rural Kenyan schools, and WellBoring, a charity which provides sustainable water solutions for African communities.

Nigel has worked in a dozen countries on World Bank and Department for International Development funded projects. He started his career in advertising before moving into training and consulting, and then coaching with Inside Out, and finally into leadership development. An occasional broadcaster, he is the author of a handful of business, self-help and philosophical books. He has been a director of listed and non-listed companies.

Consulting credentials

The focus of Extraordinary Leadership is on:

  • The leadership of self, teams and organisations, and the world they affect.
  • Working through Awareness and Connection through to Transformation.
  • Establishing a common language of leadership throughout organisations.

All of which is referenced in the 3-Dimensional Leadership Model and hard-wired into Leadership Development Programmes and High-Performance Team workshops. 

Geographical spread of clients

Britain, France, Germany, India, Kenya, Spain, Switzerland and the USA. 

Books include:

Nigel is co-author of “An introduction to 3-Dimensional Leadership”, and author of business books “Advertising for Account Handlers”,” The Successful Executive”, a self-help book “Recipes for Happiness”, and philosophical books “Why You Are Here – Briefly”, and “Knock, Knock Who’s God”. “If you would lead me - Reflections on Leadership” appears in the International Leadership Association’s 2012 volume, “Leading in Complex Worlds”.

Academic qualifications

Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies, Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Post Compulsory Education and Training), Master of Arts in Theology, Diploma Life, Business and Executive Coaching.

Personal statement

"Nigel enables people to lead their lives with a deeper connection with self, team and the world they affect, stimulating a little transformation."

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