"Three principles are central to everything I do: TRUST, PASSION and FUN.   The same applies to the way I encourage leaders to build sustainable relationships with those they wish to lead."

Simon Lawder

Coach, Mentor, Workshop Facilitator, Writer

Company Simon Lawder & Company
Email: simon@simonlawder.com
Website: www.simonlawder.com

Ask me about the work I do with Clients

‘Common Sense and Inspirational Support for Leaders and Entrepreneurs’.

Which says it all, really. Well perhaps not all. I’m at my happiest, and hopefully most effective, helping leaders to (re)discover their own authentic leadership philosophy, based on their personal set of values, and to inspire others to follow them. In truth, this applies equally to emerging leaders, future leaders, teams and entrepreneurs facing the challenges of managing growth.

My role switches from coach to mentor, challenger, story-teller, facilitator, companion, and critical friend.

I come from the corporate world but I’m equally at home in the public sector, non-profit world, the arts and voluntary groups. I’ve been the leader, for better or worse, of a bewildering range of organisations. I could show you the scars.

And nothing my clients tell ever me leaves the room.

My own leadership philosophy? Trust, Passion and Fun. It works, believe me.

Ask me about my connection with the CLS & Business School

I’m an Affiliate of the CLS Professional Network, Leadership Critical Friend to a senior director of a large multi-national and an active member of the Professional Network’s writing group.

Tell me everything about

  • Your hopes and fears
  • What inspires you, what makes you laugh and what makes you want to kick the cat?
  • Your (people) strengths but also your weaknesses
  • Where and when you feel good, when you feel out of your depth
  • When you feel you’re being true to yourself and when you feel like you’re spouting someone else’s script

Here is what you should know about working with me 

Total honesty - I’m not there to polish your ego.

Absolute integrity. 

It’s your show. You do the talking; I ask the questions; you discover insights you hadn’t noticed before; and you formulate a plan that feels right for you. 

No academic or psycho-jargon.

One more thing – it will be fun.

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