John Jupp

"I enjoy working with all those who believe in improving their leadership and that of those around them, at whatever level they work, because they believe that improved leadership delivers great performance from teams that enjoy their work."

John Jupp

Leadership Consultant and Facilitator.

Company: John Jupp Leadership Education

Ask me about the work I do with Clients

I design and deliver leadership programmes for senior leaders and managers in the RAF who are thought to be those who will reach the top of the organisation.  I facilitate the meetings of RAF Senior Leadership Team.  I also coach and mentor some RAF officers.

I advise on and write leadership policy for the RAF.

I organise and deliver a leadership conference for the RAF and facilitate the Chief of the Air Staff’s consultation periods with a cross section of RAF personnel.

I deliver leadership education and workshops for NHS consultants and managers.

I work with other clients on leadership requirements.

I have considerable experience in leading and managing in a large organisation, including leading independent units.

Ask me about my connection with the CLS & Business School

I have been affiliated to Exeter CLS for six years and attend and contribute to the conferences and CPD days.

Tell me everything about

  • The context in which you lead
  • When you need to achieve things
  • Who is involved
  • How you go about things

Here is what you should know about working with me

When working with you I will always start with the proposition of what you need not what I can offer, you will drive the agenda.  I believe that what an organisation needs can usually be found within it, it is my job as a facilitator to find that.  My knowledge and experience of leadership is there to assist the process.

I have a continual thirst to learn about leadership in general and you and your organisation.  I have a degree in Philosophy and Maths, a Masters in Defence Studies and a PhD in Leadership of Top Teams ("Egalitarian Teams in a Military Hierarchy: A Study of the formation of the RAF Senior Leadership Team") (the latter awarded in July 2014).

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