Meet our Affiliates

Membership is an opportunity to benefit from a close association with the Centre for Leadership Studies, to be part of a community of leadership specialists, in a way that adds real value for business and career development.

Affiliates are a self-organising group; there is the opportunity for Affiliates to get to know each other through CPD events and to create their own networks and relationships which will help them generate possible work opportunities and support for each other.

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Dr Jon Baber

I am enthusiastic, committed and dependable. I work hard to ensure people I work with get maximum value from that experience. I also look for creative and innovative ways of delivering those interventions and have a passion for making the experience as enjoyable and impactful as possible.

Pam Billinge

"I like to work experientially with clients, and offer a unique and highly effective horse-led learning process in the outdoors.  This brings depth, authenticity and speed to the learning process."

Jefferson Cann

“The purpose of my work is the liberation of organisational effectiveness and human value, through enabling leaders to ACT with Awareness, Connection and Transformation of themselves, their people and their environment for the sustainable benefit of all.”

Aileen Cory

"My approach is to work closely and creatively with the uniqueness of clients to ensure a bespoke service to meet needs."

Baz Hartnell

"I feel privileged to be asked to go on this journey with my clients and create with them the outcomes they require, often creating transformational change along the way - in me as well as the client!"

Carolyn Hooker

"My general approach is to champion people and ideas, stimulate thinking and help change behaviour, but effective thinking is always the key to this!"

John Jupp

"I enjoy working with all those who believe in improving their leadership and that of those around them, at whatever level they work, because they believe that improved leadership delivers great performance from teams that enjoy their work."

Simon Lawder

"Three principles are central to everything I do: TRUST, PASSION and FUN.   The same applies to the way I encourage leaders to build sustainable relationships with those they wish to lead"

Paul Lim

“My diverse past experiences have led me to a much greater appreciation of different cultures and people.”

Nigel Linacre

“Nigel enables people to lead their lives with a deeper connection with self, team and the world they affect, stimulating a gentle transformation.”

Simon Ricketts

"I believe that we should all be enjoying our work, finding fulfillment within it and stretching the boundaries of our own capabilities."

Mark Robertson

"I am particularly effective in helping leaders and teams develop their emotional intelligence, improve decision-making, deal constructively with conflict, and build resilience"

Tania West

“I work to develop authentic leadership within organisations, inspiring people to maximise their leadership potential and attain organisational greatness.”

Helen Sieroda

"I incorporate psychological expertise, emotional and spiritual intelligence into my coaching and training work."

Francis Stickland

Francis is an experienced strategy and organisation development (OD) professional. He has led the European Leadership Consulting Practice and the European Corporate Restructuring & Change Practice for a global consulting firm.

Sue Thomas

"I am an experienced, qualified coach, with a background in management consultancy, and a trained action learning facilitator."

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