Our team

Professor Peter Hopkinson Centre Co-Director, Professor in Circular Economy
Professor Fiona Charnley Centre Co-Director, Associate Professor in Circular Economy
Adam Lusby Director of Education, Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship
Ken Webster Director of International Society for Circular Economy, Senior Lecturer

Professor Markus Zils

Professor in Practice Circular Economy and Management Science
Professor Mickey Howard Professor of Supply Management
Professor Stefano Pascucci Professor in Sustainability and Circular Economy
Professor Steffen Boehm Professor in Organisation and Sustainability
Dr David Monciardini Senior Lecturer in Management
Dr Allen Alexander Senior Lecturer in Innovation
Dr Mariale Moreno Senior Lecturer in Circular Economy
Professor Tim Lenton Professor of Earth System Science and Chair in Climate Change
Professor Roger Maull Professor of Management Systems, Academic Director INDEX
Professor Navonil Mustafee Associate Professor of Operations Management and Analytics
Professor Joshua Ignatius Associate Professor of Operations and Business Analytics
Professor Tamara Galloway ExeMPLaR CoI/Principal Investigator Ecotoxicology Lead  
Professor Brendan Godley  ExeMPLaR Co Investigator Biosciences Marine Biology Lead 
Professor Kevin Gaston ExeMPLaR Co Investigator Biosciences Biology Lead
Gavin Shaddick ExeMPLaR Co Investigator Mathematics
Luke Savage ExeMPLaR Co Investigator Engineering
Professor Oana Ghita ExeMPLaR Co Investigator Engineering
Fayyaz Memon ExeMPLaR Co Investigator Engineering
Dr Xiaoyu Yan ExeMPLaR Co Investigator Mathematics Lead
Paul McCutchion ExeMPLaR Co Investigator Engineering Lead
Dr Karyn Morrissey ExeMPLaR Co Investigator Medical
Professor Clare Saunders ExeMPLaR Co Investigator Politics
Professor Joanne Smith ExeMPLaR Co Investigator Psychology Lead
Dr Ruth Garside ExeMPLaR Co Investigator Medical Lead
Asst Professor David Benson ExeMPLaR Co Investigator Politics
Katie Cooke ExeMPLaR Impact Fellow/Project Manager
Ruth Cherrington ExeMPLaR Impact & Partnership Development Manager
Dr Victor Koulompis ExeMPLaR Post Doctoral Research Assistant - Mathematics
Dr Paul Boisseaux ExeMPLaR Post Doctoral Research Assistant - Ecotoxicology 
Dr Kerry Burton ExeMPLaR Post Doctoral Research Assistant - Pshycology 
Dr Maria Correa Cano ExeMPLaR Post Doctoral Research Assistant - Spatial Modelling 
Dr Okechukwu Okorie Postdoctoral Research Associate in Circular Technology
Atta Ajayebi Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Esmaeil Khedmati Morasae Research Fellow in Policy and Complex Systems
Katie Cooke ExeMPLaR Project Manager
Nic Bilham PhD Candidate
Dr Ruth Cherrington Impact and Partnership Development Manager – Circular Economy and Earth Resources
Katie Steen Impact and Partnership Development
Irene Christophers Academic Support Administrator
Michelle Spillar College Business Partner - Business School/Senior Impact & Partnership Development Manager
Nicky Cunningham Senior Impact and Partnership Development Manager

Sarah Langmaid