BA Economics with Econometrics

This programme information relates to 2015 undergraduate entry. Economics entrants for 2015 may choose to graduate with either a BA or BSc award. Economics entrants for 2016 will graduate with a BSc award.

Programme overview

Modern economics covers a wide range of topics from inflation to the control of monopoly power, from the study of developing countries to the finance of multinational companies. Econometrics is the application of statistical concepts and methods to economics. Many topics coming under the general heading of econometrics are covered, including data analysis, estimation, model-fitting and testing of hypotheses, extended with special techniques for dealing with economic data. Econometrics is also relevant to a range of related problems in applied economics, including time series analysis, forecasting and policy simulation.

The BA Economics with Econometrics degree includes core economics and econometrics modules in each of the three years, providing you with a high level of technical ability that will be useful in your future career in any field.

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