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Reconfiguring Resistance: Gendered subjectivity and New Managerialism in UK Business Schools

Organisation Studies

Speaker:Caroline Clark / David Knights, Open University Business School, Milton Keynes
Date: Wednesday 10 December 2014
Time: 14:00
Location: Streatham Court B

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A proliferation of audit, accountability and monitoring controls has accompanied the managerialist agenda within universities emphasising efficiency, usually at the expense of effectiveness. Based on empirical research in UK business schools, this paper explores the conditions and consequence of new managerialism on professional practice, equality and diversity in teaching and research, and gendered relations.  It also pays particular attention to alternative moral values to those that are imposed on academics by the prevailing dominant masculine, managerialist discourses.  Our research indicates how dominant masculine discourses of managerialism have wide-reaching implications for academic life but which attracts only limited resistance.  However, if this limited resistance can be mobilised in the direction of building embodied, ethically engaged academic communities as articulated by post humanist feminists, future generations might see the current university preoccupation with competition, conquest and control as merely an historical blip.