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Conscious Business: New Buzz Word or New Paradigm?


Speaker:Paul Levy , University of Brighton
Date: Wednesday 21 May 2014
Time: 14:00 - 16:00
Location: Streatham Court D

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Conscious Business: New Buzz Word or New Paradigm? A conscious business is able to fully sense what is going on and what needs to be done, internally and externally, in real time. Like a fully conscious person, a conscious business is awake, aware, alert and ready to act. This provocative session, led by Paul Levy, senior researcher at CENTRIM (The Centre for Research in Innovation Management) at the University of Brighton, Director of CATS3000, and author of the forthcoming book "The Digital Inferno" suggests that businesses need to wake up - literally. Organisational sleep states diminish their ability to respond and,because businesses operate socially, they have lowered social response-ability as well. His work with Conscious Business UK has identified the key metrics which identify a more or less conscious business. Conscious Business is not a new buzz word for "best practice" - it represents a new way of thinking about how organisations can effectively exist in dynamic environments. Paul will link the notion of conscious business to an organisation's innovation capability, drawing on examples and posing some uncomfortable questions for leaders. During this session, we'll dive into the concept of the "collusion of mediocrity", a cultural habit that puts businesses into a state of lowered self-awareness. How to businesses wake up to their potential and stay alert, able to sense their internal and external dynamics and to respond skilfully. Paul will tap into emerging knowledge in the Conscious Business field as well as the field of Conscious Capitalism which has grown out of work in the USA in recent years. Conscious Business is a fresh and challenging way to look at organisational and business life. Paul is author of the "Conscious Business Realm" - Read some selected articles as follows: More about Paul here: