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The End of Ownership?

Organisation Studies

Speaker:Professor Russell Belk, Kraft Foods Canada Chair in Marketing, Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada
Date: Wednesday 11 December 2013
Time: 1.00 pm
Location: XFI Seminar Room B

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There is a rapid rise of Internet-aided “sharing” or “collaborative consumption” organizations which offer temporary use without ownership. They offer us access to goods as diverse as handbags, automobiles, homes, and garden tools. A quick impression suggests that we are leaving an era of ownership and moving toward an era of access and use. There is some truth to this impression, but it is premature to forecast the end of ownership. A closer look at some of these “sharing” organizations suggests that many are self-rental organizations or intermediaries through which owners take advantage of their economic capital, managerial capital, and stocks of tangible goods in order to profit -- quite like the origins of capitalism. But there is also a rapid rise in true shared ownership organizations and heterodox sharing models that offer an alternative to the new capitalist form of “shared” ownership. By examining the contest between these different types of sharing organizations we can better conceptualise the burdens and benefits of ownership and understand the simultaneous current movements toward and away from ownership