ISR Seminar - Making the Elephant Dance: The Drive for Innovation in Large-scale Software-Intensive Systems


Speaker:Professor Alan Brown, Professor of Innovation & entrepreneurship, Surrey Business School
Date: Friday 14 June 2013
Time: 13:00
Location: Marchant Room, Building:One

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Innovation in software and product delivery is essential to every company’s success.  However, larger companies have particular challenges driving innovation into their products and practices due to their culture, size, and context.  In this presentation we look at innovation challenges in large-scale software development and delivery organizations.  We particularly focus on agile software development methods being used in such organizations and their role in innovation.  While there have been many successes in creating innovative software solutions, too often there have been disappointments delivering that software as part of a governed product delivery approach.  This presentation looks at the challenges to agile product delivery, and examines the role and characteristics of an agile organization in delivering innovative solutions.