ISR Seminar - Cloud Computing - An Agenda for Research and Practice


Speaker:Dr Will Venters, Lecturer, Department of Management, London School of Economics & Political Sciences
Date: Friday 24 May 2013
Time: 13.15
Location: Constantine Leventis Room, Building:One

Further details

Cloud computing has become central to current discussions about corporate information technology. Drawing on a series of research studies this talk will compare the realities of Cloud Computing with the promises made – discussing the opportunities for research, and the potential impact on practice. To assess the impact that cloud may have on enterprises, it is important to evaluate the claims made in the existing literature and critically review these claims against empirical evidence from the field. To this end, this presentation will discuss a framework within which to locate existing and future research on cloud computing. This framework is structured around a series of technological and service ‘desires’, that is, characteristics of cloud that are important for cloud users. The existing literature on cloud computing is located within this framework and is supplemented with empirical evidence from interviews with cloud providers and cloud users that were undertaken between 2010 and 2012. The aim of the talk is to elaborate and discuss potential research questions which arise from Cloud Computing, in particular those of SmartCities, Data-Analytics and Service-based computing.