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Bolshevism to Ballet in Three Steps

Research Cluster

Speaker:Kevin Morell
Date: Tuesday 19 February 2013
Time: 4:30pm
Location: Bateman Lecture Theatre: Building One

Further details

This seminar will outline an approach to teaching business school undergraduates about class consciousness, collective resistance and revolution.  This is based on a comparative analysis of three film extracts from: Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin (1925) & Strike (1925); and Billy Elliot (2000).  Similarities and contrasts across these extracts can help introduce undergraduates to the central distinction between a Marxist account of revolution (class consciousness is sufficient), and a Marxist-Leninist account (revolution must be led).  The approach is underpinned by Aristotle’s aesthetic and his concept of intellectual virtues, or ways of knowing, principally epistêmê, sophia and phronêsis and makes reference to a 2012 Palgrave Monograph by Kevin Organization, Society and Politics: An Aristotelian Perspective.  It is proposed as a way to overcome some potential barriers to learning: the institutionalized, managerialist logic of business schools; and the lack of management experience or experience of collectivism among business school undergraduates.
Kevin Morrell is an Associate Professor of Governance at Warwick Business School.  Please visit for more on his other research.