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ISR Seminar - CO-Creating Value by Shifting the Boundary between Service Provider and Customer


Speaker:Professor Mark Davis, Bentley University, USA
Date: Friday 30 March 2012
Time: 14.00
Location: Marchant Room, Syndicate Room A, Level 2, Building:One

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C0-Creating Value by Shifting the Boundary
between Service Provider and Customer
Mark M. Davis, Bentley University
Joy Field, Boston College
Paul Maglio, IBM
Today, companies recognize the opportunities for co-creating value by shifting the traditional boundary between provider and customer toward either participant. To shift the boundary effectively, service designers need to clearly identify the roles and degree of participation for both the provider and customer. Because boundary-shifting is a dynamic process, we focus on three aspects of the service delivery process that change over time: (a) where the customer-service provider boundary is defined, (b) the tasks that comprise the service, and (c) and the resource capabilities required during the delivery process. In particular, we focus on identifying the capabilities needed by each participant during the value co-creation process and how they might be acquired. We also address how these capabilities might change over time through repeated interactions between the service co-creators. Determining where to set the boundary is also dependent on identifying the appropriate measures of value/effectiveness for the service process.