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Austerity Britain


Speaker:Guy Bellamy, Senior Managing Director, Financial Dynamics
Date: Friday 9 December 2011
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Location: Matrix Lecture Theatre

Further details

We read everyday about economic uncertainty and the financial impact on households around the UK. Austerity Britain is a new research probe which explores how consumers themselves feel they have been impacted financially, what their coping strategies are and how their financial plans have changed. The session will also reference other data that has appeared in the news over the last three months. Further, given the media have been the major source of information for consumers on recession topics, the second half of the presentation will explore how peoples' relationship with the media and news consumption habits have also changed over the last couple of years. Which media are growing in popularity? Are popular media also the most trusted? How has the digital revolution changed the way gather news, and how has the recession changed the consumer mindset in terms of the topics and tone of news that they choose to follow.

The session will be led by Guy Bellamy, a former History graduate from the University of Exeter. For the last 20 years Guy has worked in communications and media, initially for NatWest Group and for the last 14 years at Financial Dynamics, a leading international financial PR and Corporate communications consultancy, where Guy is Senior Managing Director.