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Leadership from a Community Perspective

Research Cluster

Speaker:Dr Gareth Edwards, University of the West of England
Date: Monday 31 October 2011
Time: 3.30 pm
Location: Syndicate Room C, Buildng One

Further details

The aim of this presentation is to integrate the literature around community into the wide and popular area of leadership studies. The presentation is not about community leadership but rather a critical discussion of taking a community perspective on leadership. This is in reaction to the overly individualised and psychological orientation leadership studies has had over the last fifty years or so. The presentation draws on a number of differing sources of work around the topic of community which highlights seven core discussions - symbolism, individualism, a sense of belonging, community as communicative, liminality, friendship and the postmodern community. These concepts connected to leadership add to the literature by providing contextual cues for theory, research and practise and by providing options for a wider variation in, and a broader context for, management and leadership development programmes.