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Market Co-creation Research


Speaker:Professor of Marketing, Lisa Penaloza , EDHEC Business School
Date: Thursday 10 March 2011
Time: 5pm (this will be followed by a wine reception)
Location: The Matrix Lecture Theatre, Building One

Further details

Lisa Peñaloza will be presenting a seminar entitled “The nature and processes of market co-creation in triple bottom line firms: Leveraging insights from consumer culture theory and service dominant logic”

Lisa is Professor of Marketing at the EDHEC Business School. She researches consumption-driven constructions of identity as well as the cultural constructions of both marketers and consumers. Her ethnographic research strives to understand the nexus of cultural signification and economic valuation by consumers in their daily lives in families and communities, and by marketers in business organisations.

Recent projects explore the impacts of remittances in Mexican families, credit in the U.S. white middle class, and the market challenges of environmentally and socially sustainable businesses. Her research has been published in the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Consumption, Markets and Culture, Marketing Theory and Public Policy and Marketing.