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Whose environment is It, anyway?


Speaker:Professor Steve Fineman, University of Bath
Date: Friday 4 May 2001
Time: 14:00
Location: Peter Chalk Centre, Room 1.1/2/3

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Concerns about the parlous state of the planet have, in recent years, generated a rush of research on 'business and the environment'. Unusually we see a range of different social scientists coming together to try and say, and do, something significant. These in include management and organizational scientists. The most applied of these have typically frozen the environment into a box; linked it in a positivist mode to various business and strategic inputs; and, with soothing rhetoric offered a fix that claims to keep business both green and profitable. That does, however, scant justice to the political, negotiative and symbolic ways that realities may be constructed. This position says nothing about greening as contested and relational in its meanings, feelings and discourses.