Publishing in Academy of Management Journals: Academy of Management Discoveries

Organisation Studies

Speaker:Professor Ilke Inceoglu, Professor in Organisational Behaviour and HR Management, University of Exeter
Date: Wednesday 6 December 2017
Time: 13:30
Location: Constantine Leventis

Further details

Management and organization science journals have a very strong emphasis on theory-building, focusing on the two epistemological approaches of induction and deduction. Academy of Management Discoveries (AMD) is a relatively new, yet impactful journal that takes a different, more pragmatic approach, advocating abductive reasoning (i.e., inference to the best plausible explanation). In this session, I will discuss the take-aways from a workshop I attended that included Peter Bamberger (AMD Editor-In-Chief) and Christopher Tucci (AMD Associate Editor) as speakers who explained how this approach is applied in papers published in AMD. I would also like to draw attention to an AMD special issue call for papers on “Sustainable Development for a Better World: Contributions of Leadership, Management and Organizations”: