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Overpayment, Financial Distress, and Investor Horizons


Speaker:Amadeo de Cesari, University of Manchester
Date: Tuesday 26 September 2017
Time: 13:45
Location: Pearson Teaching Room

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Firms that follow excessive payout policies (over-payers) have significantly higher financial distress risk and lower survival compared to under-payers, consistent with risk-shifting fromshareholders to creditors in distressed firms. All else equal, the presence of institutional investors with long-term investment horizons in a firm is associated with overpayment. A transition analysis indicates the existence of a reciprocal relation between overpayment and financial distress, highlighting the feedback effects between overpayment and distress. In addition, overpayers endure smaller future sales and assets growth, and experience a significant future increase
in the overall riskiness of their assets, compared to under-payers.