BID Brown Bag Seminar:To Lie or Not to Lie: Survey Mode Effects on the Validity of Self-Reported Substance Use Data

Research Cluster

Speaker:Xiaohui Zhang, University of Exeter
Date: Tuesday 28 March 2017
Time: 12.30 - 13.30
Location: Syndicate Room C, Building One

Further details

We examine effects of survey mode on the validity of self-reported substance use data by exploiting quasi-experimental variations in survey methods in Australian National Drug Strategy Household Survey. A single-index zero inflated probit model is employed to estimate such effects. We find that survey mode has a large effect on the surveyee's misreporting behaviour for all three substances (tobacco, marijuana, and speed) examined in this paper, but particularly so for marijuana users. Moreover, such effects vary significantly depending on the nature of the relevant substance and the surveyee's individual characteristics (gender, age, etc.). Finally, we propose a simple behavioural model to understand our findings. Bin Peng, Mengxi Zhang and Xiaohui Zhang