Tourism Study Group/ Management Studies Mini-Conference on Tourism and Food: Food, Authenticity and the Food Tourist / The Taste of Tourism


Speaker:Dr Sean Beer / Dr Paul Cleave, Bournemouth University / University of Exeter
Date: Wednesday 30 November 2016
Time: 13:30 - 16:30
Location: Laver LT3

Further details

In this seminar Dr Beer will discuss ideas relating to food, authenticity, and the food tourist. For some people food is little more that fuel. For others it is considered to be a fundamental component of life and living. The word ‘authenticity’ is a much contested term, but one that has significant political, economic, social and environmental importance. Food tourism is an idea that has gained considerable traction on the back of television, celebrity chefs, travel, destination management and the search for experiences to be had and to be sold. But what is authentic food and how do tourists find it on their travels?

The Taste of Tourism

Dr Paul Cleave, University of Exeter

Dr Cleave’s seminar will explore the story of food and place, and the historical and heritage dimensions of food tourism.