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The Doubled Edged Sword of Digital Engagement – Field Experiments on Social Identity Marketing


Speaker:Dr Doan Nguyen, University of Queensland
Date: Friday 25 November 2016
Time: 15.30
Location: Streatham Court B

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The digital revenue of media entertainment market total $US 994 billion and is growing exponentially. To stay competitive, digital retailers and service providers have to constantly improve their digital engagement with customers using personalization and customization techniques in digital marketing. This current research conducts five field experiments on a unique dataset of more than 23 thousand U.S. customers shopping at a brand new online digital store for digital entertainment products. The experiments capture customer’s actual purchase of an advertised product, when the researcher manipulates the store’s digital engagement activities. The findings suggest that personalized marketing reception is moderated by gender and consumption environment. In addition, the results highlight the negative effects of personalization and customization on purchase behavior in socially stigmatized product categories.