Transnational Connected Consumers and Transnational Market Entry


Speaker:Ibrahim Sirkeci, Professor of Transnatioinal Studies and Marketing, Regent's University London
Date: Friday 11 March 2016
Time: 15:30
Location: Streatham Court C

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In an ever more connected world of goods, finances and people, consumption is not only a local experience and neither the marketing of goods and services. Cross border mobility and networks facilitated by digital media and frequent travels and contacts are influencing the ways in which consumers seek, contribute and purchase solutions to address their needs, wants and desires. While forces of globalisation causing a degree of convergence in preferences, patterns and processes, local and national often determine the final forms of marketing offering. Transnational marketing strategies seek the answer to create marketing mixes addressing the needs of local, national but connected consumers as well as considering the needs and resource limitations of globalising firms. Mobility of consumers does also offer a niche avenue for internationalisation which I call "transnational market entry mode". In this mode, often smaller firms with limited resources follow the footsteps of diaspora populations to enter other country markets.