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Taxation of Multinationals, What's Going On?

Tax Administration Research Centre (TARC)

Speaker:Steve Edge, Exeter alumnus, Corporate Tax Partner with Slaughter and May
Date: Monday 1 December 2014
Time: 16:00 - 17:30
Location: Streatham Court Lecture Room B

Further details

Stephen is a Corporate Tax Partner with Slaughter and May and has an extensive consultancy practice including advising non UK multinationals on cross-border transactions and tax issues of various types, working closely with leading international tax advisers around the world. Stephen is currently our Alumni Network Group Chair with responsibility for the College of Social Sciences and International Studies.

Stephen will discuss a number of areas of interest including:

·           Corporate tax policy – inevitable and sensible or a race to the bottom?
Will the UK win our case?

·           Why are so many companies seeking to leave the US?

·           The PAC – proper HMRC oversight or discouraging investment?

·           Is HMRC doing a good job – or is it “too close to business”?

·           Are multinationals getting away with blue murder – or simply behaving sensibly?

·           Is transfer pricing a mess?

·           What’s BEPS all about – and what will it achieve?

·           What is the answer on taxing the digital economy – is a digital tax appropriate in the modern economy or should we be careful what we wish for?