Professor Christos Kotsogiannis

University of Exeter expert working to reform tax collection in Greece

A University of Exeter expert has been appointed to help the Greek authorities make the tax collection system more efficient and enhance tax compliance.

Professor Christos Kotsogiannis, from the University of Exeter Business School, has been appointed as President of the Management Board of the newly restructured Greek Independent Authority for Public Revenue Authority, the IAPR.

The IAPR is responsible for collecting tax in Greece on behalf of the Government. It has recently been given new powers so it is independent and has administrative and financial autonomy.

The Management Board oversees the strategic and business planning of the IAPR as well as preparing the annual account report and the planning of the Authority's activities. It also oversees the Authority’s human resources policy and monitors its implementation.

Professor Kotsogiannis is a leading expert in Public Finance and has published widely on tax issues and how to improve the efficiency of tax collection. He is also a co-Director of the Tax Administration Research Centre (TARC), which undertakes research on tax administration in order to strengthen the theoretical and empirical understanding of the practical operation of tax systems. The Centre is a partnership between the University of Exeter and the Institute for Fiscal Studies, and is jointly funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

Professor Kotsogiannis said: “An Independent Public Revenue Authority is a much needed reform for Greece and will lead to better performance by removing impediments to effective and efficient management, while, by being accountable to parliament, it will maintain appropriate accountability and transparency.

“A key priority in the years for the IAPR will be to improve tax compliance in Greece. The knowledge on tax revenue administration that TARC has created, and continues to create, will undoubtedly help me to provide IAPR the right policy guidance on this.

“It is an honour to have been offered this important role. I hope the work I do will benefit the economy and the people of Greece.”

Date: 27 March 2017

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