Fudan University in Shanghai and the University of Exeter are now offering a new double degree programme

Exeter and Fudan to launch double degree programmes in Economics

A new double degree programme offered by the University of Exeter and Fudan University will give students access to business and economics expertise from the East and the West. Launching in September 2016, this cosmopolitan programme will allow students to complement their studies with a year on the opposite side of the world, leading to a Masters degree from each of these prestigious universities.

Widely regarded as one of China’s elite universities, Fudan University in Shanghai is one of the world’s top-100 universities – an accolade it shares with Exeter. The double degrees in Economics are offered through the University of Exeter’s Business School and Fudan University’s School of Economics.

Students who start the programme in the UK will spend their first year at Exeter, studying full-time on an Economics Masters degree programme offered by the University of Exeter Business School. On completion they will move to Fudan to undertake a further year of Economics study in Shanghai, the most populous city in mainland China and its financial and commercial centre.

The programme will work in reverse as well, enabling students from Fudan’s School of Economics to join one of Exeter’s Business School Masters programmes in Economics, Economics and Econometrics, or Financial Economics.  

Professor Gabriele Vosseberg, Associate Dean for International and Development for the University of Exeter Business School, said: “This innovative partnership between two leading international universities will give students a unique and rewarding experience. The skills acquired during these studies will make those graduates employable in China, the UK and beyond.”

These double degree programmes mark a deepening of the relationship between the two institutions. More than 50 Fudan and Exeter students have participated in exchanges and summer programmes since the two universities signed a mobility agreement in 2012.

Date: 6 May 2016

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