Roger Maull

Professor Roger Maull, Professor of Management Systems, Head of Management

Business School to jointly host digital road show

As part of their ongoing research into new economic models for the digital economy (NEMODE), academics from the Business School will be jointly hosting the final NextGen Roadshow in Bristol on July 17 2012.

This is a highly important event in the development of the South West’s digital infrastructure and economic development agenda. It will feature – alongside keynote presentations – an exhibition and a programme of workshops covering broadband options; super-connected cities; innovation; fibre to the home; smart communities and advances in public sector services.

Professor Roger Maull from the Centre for Innovation and Service Research at the Business School explains, “Arguably, we are currently experiencing the third industrial revolution. The first two completely changed the global economy and how business was conducted, the same is happening now.

“The requirement for ever increasing amounts of data transfer is leaving the current infrastructure creaking under the weight of demand, yet we all know that it is critical to keep up with technology developments in this area to ensure future prosperity. We’re sure that regional businesses will find the event both informative and useful.

“The event is also a step towards our goal of influencing public policy in this area. Through the event, NEMODE is bringing together business and the research community to put forward practical goals for the future of broadband infrastructure across the UK.”

More information on the road show can be found on the Next Gen website.

Date: 12 July 2012

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