Morgen Mitzel's new book

New book from Business School Fellow

‘A History of Management Thought’ is the latest book by Morgen Witzel, Fellow of the Centre for Leadership Studies (CLS).

Morgen is a well known management historian and this latest text shows how thinking about management has evolved and changed. It explores how changing social, political and technological forces have challenged people to think about management in new ways, and how management thinkers have responded. Sometimes their responses missed the mark and occasionally, great ideas about management failed to be picked up and were lost along the way. Sometimes, truly original and creative, even world-changing ideas appeared.

Following key currents in management thought from the origins of civilization to the present day, the book begins in the ancient world, when people were wrestling with the problems of organisation and leadership. It continues through the Middle Ages, east and west, as people pondered on how to manage risk and think strategically, and on the role of business in society. It shows how the Industrial Revolution led to the emergence of scientific management, and how political and social events of the twentieth century shaped management thinking right up to the present day.

From the pyramids to Facebook, from military strategy to managing for sustainability, A History of Management Thought tells the fascinating story of how management thinking has changed, shifted, evolved and developed down through the centuries.
Morgen commented “I wanted to write a book that would look at the whole history of management thought right from the beginnings, not just the last few years. I believe we need to know where we have come from before we can begin to understand where we might be going. I hope the book will have broad appeal to both students of the subject and a more generalist audience interested in the evolution of the theory and practice”.

Morgen is also a regular contributor to the Financial Times; he has had book reviews appear in the Los Angeles Times and his columns have also appeared in the Globe and Mail. He teaches on the One Planet MBA programme (see his blog at Since 1999 he has served as editor-in-chief of Corporate Finance Review published by ThomsonReuters. For the past eight years he has written the popular Gurumantra columns for India’s Smart Manager (see his blog at

The book can be purchased by visiting the publishers website

Date: 9 February 2012

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