From left to right: Gary Bleasdale, Jiayu Li, Adam Teh, Shawn Ho, Iain Scott - Finance Director, Miss Selfridge.

Triple success for Business School at CIMA Global Business Challenge

The Business School team came an overall close second in the recent UK final of the CIMA Global Business Challenge but were delighted to carry off the prizes for the Best Team Report and the Best Individual Presenter. The team comprising of Shawn Ho, Gary Bleasdale, Jiayu Li and Adam Teh, was mentored by Chie Min Teng.

The CIMA Global Business Challenge is an international competition designed to bring out the best in the young business leaders of tomorrow. The regional competitions are about analysing, reporting and presenting a case study. The competition is for undergraduates who are interested in finance and business. It’s a good opportunity for students to practice their business management skills and expand their competitive talents.

The Business School team was formed in December 2010 and invested valuable time in brainstorming and research, producing a logical and coherent report to address issues in the case study. This not only secured them a place in the UK finals but ensured that they triumphed over 58 other teams from various UK universities to win the Best Team Report.

Gary Bleasdale, winner of the Best Individual Presenter commented: “As a team, we pushed ourselves, brainstormed, organised and worked hard, and managed to maintain a pleasant, productive and harmonious environment despite the differences in temperament and personality. Everyone shouldered their fair share of the workload. I have learned a great deal and gained insights into the more subjective and perhaps ‘hidden’ elements of how to successfully navigate through the abrasive world of business, finance and economics.”

Adam Teh added: “I believe that the lessons we learnt along the way throughout this challenge are invaluable and will benefit us all in the future.”

Chie Min Teng concludes: “The Business School is always looking for opportunities to increase the employability of its graduates whether that be through business orientated competitions, mentoring, workshops, events or careers advice. I know that the team learnt a huge amount through this process. The experience will definitely enhance their future prospects.”

Date: 1 July 2011

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