The new One Planet MBA is a unique partnership

WWF partner Business School on unique MBA programme

September 2011 sees the launch of the new One Planet MBA programme, a unique partnership between WWF and the University of Exeter Business School. It will be the world’s first MBA systematically devoted to embedding the need for a sustainable approach to strategic business management.

The One Planet MBA will be global in outlook, developing leaders and managers capable of running organisations in a culturally diverse, resource-constrained world, influenced by radically different values and concerns from those of the recent past. Graduates of the programme will be fully competent in the business skills upon which MBAs have traditionally been based but will also be able to demonstrate innovative approaches to the development of sustainable business strategies.

Dr Malcolm Kirkup, MBA Director explains, “Unlike other programmes the commitment to sustainability will be pervasive throughout our One Planet MBA; not just a bolt-on module. We believe that better stewardship of social and environmental capital is entirely compatible with winning and maintaining customer value and confidence.”

Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud, Director of Corporate Relations, WWF International adds, “Having worked with the private sector for the last ten years, it is obvious that as well as being part of the problem, it can also be a major part of the solution. WWF has the ambition to change the face of business education, and the One Planet MBA will play an important role in achieving that objective.”

Professor Alan Knight OBE comments, “The world needs business managers and leaders who understand the pressures on global resources and can proactively deliver innovative solutions - in product development, sourcing, the supply chain, production, marketing, financing and reporting. Equally importantly, business needs them too.”

Dr Kirkup concludes, “Sustainability is rapidly moving into the mainstream for business. We have been inundated with approaches from corporates who want to be involved in the programme. Our students will graduate with strong business, analytical and leadership skills but also, uniquely, a deep understanding of how businesses can use sustainability as a source of real innovation and business transformation.”

The official launch of the One Planet MBA is on the 14 April at the Business School. For further information please visit the One Planet MBA website.

Date: 14 April 2011

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