UN PRME Conference


Business School participates in 2nd UN Global Forum on Responsible Management Education

As part of its development of the new One Planet MBA and its membership of the UN PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) initiative, the Business School participated in the second annual conference, held in New York.

Educators and administrators from 37 countries called on business leaders to better balance social and economic objectives and encouraged management education to prepare future leaders for this challenge. At the end of the conference, participants representing business schools and other academic institutions encouraged business to emphasise societal value just as much as its commitment to shareholder returns.

PRME panel member Matthew Gritsham, Director of the Centre for Business and Sustainability at Ashridge, made the point that the time is past when Business Management Educators can adopt a ‘do nothing’ approach to the sustainability agenda, said that he was very impressed by the Exeter Business School initiative, emphasising how the new One Planet MBA was ‘one to watch’.

Stephen Hickman, acting Director of the MBA added ‘With over 300 Business Schools in 62 countries pledging their support to adopting these principles, I was delighted to discover that our One Planet MBA appears to be leading the way not just in the UK but also on the International stage with its focus on driving sustainable business transformation through enhanced management education.’

Date: 1 July 2010

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