Executive pay

Examining executive compensation

Exeter academic to examine executive pay

Dr. Grzegorz Trojanowski from the University of Exeter Business School has won a grant of more than £200,000 from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to examine executive compensation.

The recent financial turmoil has been blamed, in part, on the design of managerial pay and compensation packages, the criticism being that they encouraged excessive risk taking. Dr Trojanowski will focus on the whether, and to what extent, the design of managerial incentive schemes influence the way companies are financed and therefore if excessive risk-taking is rewarded.

As just one of 22 nationally funded proposals out of 339 applications Dr. Trojanowski commented ‘I was delighted to be chosen from so many applications. I was confident that my research proposal was a strong one and one which will significantly add to the understanding of the recent crisis and the impact of executive pay on the behaviour of our major companies. Once completed, it will be useful to both regulators and policy makers alike.’

Date: 24 February 2010

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