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In a bid led by the University of Cambridge, academics from the University of Exeter will be working with colleagues from Bath, Cranfield and Nottingham to undertake research and use the outcomes to develop tools specifically tailored for use by companies providing industrial engineering services.

High value manufacturing requires innovative products combined with associated service support. UK companies are good at creating new technologies and product innovation but are less successful at continuing to benefit after the initial invention.  The need to provide a high quality after sales service is becoming more critical to manufacturers of complex engineering solutions. Unfortunately, there is a lack of academic focus in both research and education provision to support this growth area, creating barriers to the UK’s success in the field of industrial engineering services. This grant, with a total value of £2.6 million, will help to overcome the obstacles and enable companies in the UK to compete on the international stage.

Professor Irene Ng, Director for the Centre for Service Research and Professor of Marketing Science at the University, commented ‘This award has enabled the very best UK academics in the field of Service Science to work together to produce a set of ‘blueprints’ for the industrial service sector. This will lead to a step-change in the competitiveness of UK manufacturers and drive growth in this expanding area leading to more jobs and a vibrant industry for the future.’

Date: 3 April 2009

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