The Ambassador of Luxembourg attended the award ceremony for the latest Certificate in Leadership Studies cohort

The Ambassador of Luxembourg attended the award ceremony for the 2008 Certificate in Leadership Studies cohort

Leadership students honoured by visit of Ambassador

On 11 October 2008, the University of Exeter Business School was honoured by the visit of His Excellency M. Hubert Wurth, the Ambassador to the UK for Luxembourg and his wife. Mme Francisca Wurth. M. and Mme Wurth attended an award ceremony for seven students from the Luxembourg communications organisation P&T who have completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership Studies, which is both a stand alone qualification and the first stage of the MA in Leadership Studies qualification.

The School also welcomed M. Marcel Heinen, Deputy Director and M. Paul Peckels, Director, from the P&T Comité de Direction. The seven students, all P&T managers, had completed their Certificates and also additional training in Leadership Skills in blocks of study at the Centre for Leadership Studies (CLS), having started in October 2007. Although CLS has a track record in delivering bespoke Leadership programmes for businesses, P&T was the first overseas company to have been the recipient of CLS's unique expertise when the first cohort of P&T managers embarked on the programme in 2005. It is hoped that P&T will become part of a consortium of European companies for similar programmes in the future.

P&T Luxembourg is a public service company that operates postal, financial and telecommunications services in Luxembourg. It employs over 3,000 staff and has an annual turnover in excess of 500 million Euros. In the postal area, the company offers services for professional and residential customers operating both fixed and mobile networks providing a full range of voice and data services including satellite uplinks. The company also runs a range of financial services.

Following a warm welcome from Professor Richard Lamming, Director of the University of Exeter Business School, Professor Jonathan Gosling, Director of CLS, suggested that the key to leadership was to be able to look in to the future and to share their vision of the future with like-minded colleagues in order to enact change. His Excellency M. Wurth congratulated the graduates and stressed the importance of responsibility in leadership in light of the global financial crisis. M. Heinen thanked the graduates for the hard work that they had put in over the course of their studies and also thanked the staff from the Centre for Leadership Studies for their efforts in making the programme such a success.

Closing the ceremony, Dr Michael Walton, Programme Director, thanked the guests for their attendance and the staff of both P&T and CLS for their efforts in ensuring that the programme had been a success.

Date: 11 October 2008

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