Exeter Academics Mark Global Entrepreneurship Week with Seminar in Amsterdam

Governments across the globe have recognised the enormous economic potential of small and medium enterprises to a successful modern economy. As such, enterprise policy has become centre stage during periods of both economic growth and (currently) economic downturn. For evidenced-based policies to be formulated, there has to be a forum in which senior researchers and policy makers can meet and exchange ideas.

The latest in the EXPRESS seminar (Exeter Entrepreneurship Policy Research Seminar Series)  brings together government officials and academics from fifteen developed economies across the globe to discuss core themes of current policy interests in order to create more entrepreneurial and vigorous economies. The seminars are unique in that they combine policy maker experience and rigorous academic research findings in the design of more effective policy actions.

Following on from past successful events in London, 2005; Helsinki, 2006 and Berlin in 2007 (organised in concert with the national Presidencies of the European Union) led by Professor Gordon Murray at the University of Exeter,  the Amsterdam forum, which is co-hosted by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the University of Exeter Business School and supported by the UK’s Economic & Social Research Council, will focus on three key themes:-

  1. Tax incentives to encourage entrepreneurial activity  by business angels
  2. Investment readiness – is the constraint lack of finance or lack of good companies in which to invest?
  3. How do we recognise and encourage more high growth/impact firms (aka Gazelles)?

The seminar is restricted to a maximum of sixty persons. Chatham House rules obtain and no seminar minutes are issued. The environment is designed so policy makers can be extremely candid as to governmental actions - including both successes and failures. For researchers, the seminar’s ability to facilitate a greater insight into real government research needs has been widely praised.

For further information regarding please visit EXPRESS

Date: 17 November 2008

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