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Management Decisions

Full module specification

Module title:Management Decisions
Module code:EXE3101
Module level:3
Academic year:2021/2
Module lecturers:
Module credit:30
ECTS value:
Duration of module:

Module aims

This module forms the third stage of core themes, building on previous work undertaken on organisation theory and business strategy. In addition to an introductory programme on business research, it allows students to experience a detailed analysis of the complexity of modern business organisations, together with an understanding of the impact management decisions can make.

ILO: Module-specific skills

  • 1. Analyse the complex nature of management when dealing with uncertain situations.
  • 2. Demonstrate effective decision making based on sound business objectives and clear strategy formulation.
  • 3. Apply appropriate decision tools to specific situations.

ILO: Discipline-specific skills

  • 4. Evaluate and apply knowledge to a range of different situations.
  • 5. Demonstrate effective decision making using appropriate quantitative and qualitative skills when solving business problems.
  • 6. Analyse, interpret and extrapolate data.

ILO: Personal and key skills

  • 7. Demonstrate the effective use and application of a range of communication skills.
  • 8. Demonstrate effective self-management skills in terms of time, planning, motivation and initiative.
  • 9. Perform effectively as a member of a team, demonstrating leadership, team-building and influencing skills.

Summative assessment (% of credit)

CourseworkWritten examsPractical exams

Details of summative assessment

Form of assessment% of creditSize of the assessment (eg length / duration)ILOs assessedFeedback method
Individual Essay252500 words
Team Paper and presentation 25
Case Study Examination503 hours

Syllabus plan

  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Research methodology
  • Leadership issues
  • Vision, mission and objectives
  • Policy, planning and change
  • Organisational excellence
  • Cultural and strategic analysis
  • Performance management

Indicative learning resources - Basic reading

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Indicative learning resources - Web based and electronic resources


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