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Marketing Operations

Full module specification

Module title:Marketing Operations
Module code:EXE2103
Module level:2
Academic year:2021/2
Module lecturers:
Module credit:20
ECTS value:

Marketing to level 1

Duration of module:

Module aims

This module will enable students to build on the knowledge of marketing basics given at level 1. It will provide students with a sound understanding of the marketing planning process and the marketing mix tools that contribute towards the effective implementation of marketing strategy. This module requires students to explore the multiple relationships which need to be formed and maintained to retain customers.

ILO: Module-specific skills

  • 1. Understand and appreciate the marketing process and the importance of quality to the customer and the organisation.
  • 2. Conduct a basic marketing audit considering internal and external factors.
  • 3. Understand the process of marketing planning at the operational level
  • 4. Explain the need to select and integrate marketing tools to achieve effective implementation of plans

ILO: Discipline-specific skills

  • 5. Understand a range of different concepts and perspectives
  • 6. Apply these concepts to the understanding and solution of marketing problems and situations
  • 7. Conduct appropriate research using primary and secondary sources and analyse results

ILO: Personal and key skills

  • 8. Communicate ideas effectively in a variety of different formats
  • 9. Work with others as a member of a project team
  • 10. Manage time and prepare work for a strict deadline
  • 11. Demonstrate information technology skills

Summative assessment (% of credit)

CourseworkWritten examsPractical exams

Details of summative assessment

Form of assessment% of creditSize of the assessment (eg length / duration)ILOs assessedFeedback method
Assignment403000 words
End of module examination602 hours

Syllabus plan

  • The Marketing Process
  • Market Orientation
  • TQM and barriers to implementation
  • The Marketing Planning Process
  • Conducting a Marketing Audit
  • Analysis of an organisation’s marketing environment
  • The Marketing Mix:                Promotional Operations
  •                                                   Pricing Operations
  •                                                    Product Operations
  •                                                    Place Operations
  • Market Relationships and the importance of marketing ethics and social responsibility

Indicative learning resources - Basic reading

Adcock, Dennis et al, (2001) Marketing Principles and Practice, 4th Edition, London: Pitman

Banks, J (2000) The Essence of Total Quality Management, Prentice Hall

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Wilson and Gilligan, (1997) Strategic Marketing Management, Butterworth-Heinemann

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Indicative learning resources - Web based and electronic resources

Journals/Articles/other source material:

The Guardian Online

The Sunday Times


Marketing Week

Marketing Business

Videos: Marketing Basics  EBC

             The Marketing Mix at Cadbury’s  TV Choice

             Marketing Decisions TV Choice

             What is Marketing?  TV Choice


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