Fundamentals of Security

Module description

Our modern life depends on the security of computerised systems ranging from social aspects (eg. phishing) to technical and mathematical aspects (eg. access control, encryption). In this module, you will learn the fundamental concepts required for starting a career in various areas related to security (eg. cyber security, data security, information security, computer security). You will learn core security concepts (eg. authenticity, confidentiality, anonymity, privacy) and core technologies (eg. encryption, authentication, authorisation). Moreover, you will learn the basic attacks on security systems and approaches for reasoning about the correctness of security techniques.

This module aims to give you a broad overview as well as laying the foundations. Further modules will provide opportunities to deepen your knowledge in specialist areas.

*New module for academic year 2020/21. Full content details will be provided later in the academic year.

Full module specification

Module title:Fundamentals of Security
Module code:ECMM460
Module level:M
Academic year:2020/1
Module lecturers:
Module credit:15
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Duration of module: