Strategic and HR Analytics

Module description

In this module you will deepen your understanding of how analytics can be used to develop business strategies. In addition, the module will cover how analytics can be used from a HR perspective and in particular the use of machine learning in HR analytics. Machine learning methods can be used to analyse large data sets and are an important part of the toolkit of HR managers. You will learn how to convert unstructured text to structured data and then analyse it using various dimension reduction techniques. Key concepts taught include pattern recognition, classification, categorisation, and concept acquisition. You will also learn about deep learning and neural networks.

*New module for academic year 2020/21. Full content details will be provided later in the academic year.

Full module specification

Module title:Strategic and HR Analytics
Module code:BEMM464
Module level:M
Academic year:2020/1
Module lecturers:
Module credit:15
ECTS value:
Duration of module: