Advancing Circular Economy Implementation

Module description

This is the foundational module for the Certificate focusing on navigating circular economy implementation. You will start by exploring the systemic causality of the linear extractive and depletive processes within industry. It will then explore the emerging ideas around what conditions allow for regenerative and restorative processes which underpin the circular economy. You will take this forward with your own experience and/or the organisation you work for and identify where the risks and opportunity lie when considering circular economy implementations. The international focus will be supported by drawing on the diverse experiences of the student cohort, and current leadership challenges from around the world.As you near the completion of your journey, this module is designed to allow you to reflect and embed knowledge and understanding from the experience of being part of an international cohort.

Full module specification

Module title:Advancing Circular Economy Implementation
Module code:BEMM073
Module level:M
Academic year:2020/1
Module lecturers:
Module credit:15
ECTS value:
Duration of module: