Ethics and Organisations

Module description



In current times many ethical issues are being raised about the social responsibility of companies to its employees and other stakeholders, and about the ethics of our trading systems. This module provides an opportunity to explore the ethical decisions faced by people working in contemporary organisations and to develop knowledge and decision making skills to enable personal response to such dilemmas. The module is delivered by means of 11 lectures plus five action learning workshops. As a final year module, students have the chance to engage in a significant amount of critical reflection, and self-directed study, spending time researching and reading academic journal articles that support the ideas put forward in the lectures.

Additional Information:


The content of this module is applicable in various countries as it covers international business examples. Students are encouraged to consider the international and cultural differences companies must address in order to be ethically managed and the cultural differences that influence ethical decision making.

External Engagement

Previous guest speakers have included a representative from Oxfam and the Founder of Embercombe.


Students have the opportunity to develop a number of skills valued by employers, including their creativity, critical thinking and presentation skills. They also develop their ability to reflect and address various ethical dilemmas.


We address sustainability through an ethical perspective, challenging the way business is conducted in today’s world and how we are personally responsible for making a difference.