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Development Economics

Module description

You will be given a thorough exposition of concepts, policy issues and debates on the causes and characteristics of the wealth and poverty of groups and nations. These series of lectures, without being exhaustive, will draw on classic themes in the subject and will cover recent developments in the literature. They will emphasise the importance of political economy factors, missing and incomplete markets in developing countries, and the systemic effects this has on the process of economic development. Other important topics include the concept and theories of underdevelopment, distributional factors and poverty, institutions, human resources (health, education and population), conflict, gender, measurement and methods, and behavioural science factors. You will also learn about cash transfers, corruption, and governance.

Full module specification

Module title:Development Economics
Module code:BEEM155
Module level:M
Academic year:2023/4
Module lecturers:
Module credit:15
ECTS value:
Duration of module: