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Department of Management

Mrs Yuxi Heluo

Mrs Yuxi Heluo

Lecturer Professional Practice (Degree Apprenticeships)



Yuxi Heluo joined the University of Exeter Business School in January 2024 as a Lecturer in Professional Practice (Degree Apprenticeships, Education and Scholarship). In this role, she delves into the intersection of theory and practice, fostering a dynamic learning environment. In addition to her duties at the University of Exeter, Yuxi is currently completing her PhD on the topic of 'Changing Job Designs: Occupational Requirements, Goal Setting, and Supervision' within the Department of Business Decisions and Analytics at the University of Vienna, Austria. She also holds the position of visiting researcher at the Institute of Economic Research, Kyoto University (KIER), Japan.

Before joining the University of Exeter, Yuxi served as a Lecturer in Data Analysis on Organization and Personnel (MA) for 3 years at the University of Vienna. She was also a visiting researcher at the Advanced Optical Communication and Imaging Lab at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

Yuxi was the recipient of the Small Research Grant at the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Statistics at the University of Vienna, a testament to her outstanding research capabilities. Additionally, she was honoured with the Saltire Scholarship by the Scottish Government, an award given to those who demonstrate a potential for leadership and a commitment to working and studying in a global context. Yuxi holds a Master’s degree with distinction in Economics, Banking, and Finance from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, further underscoring her academic achievements and dedication to her field.


MSc Economics, Banking and Finance; MA (HON) Economics and Finance

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Research interests

  •  Personnel economics
  •  Artificial intelligence
  •  Behavioral economics
  •  Public health economics
  •  Management
  •  Covid-19 studies 

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Journal articles

Heluo Y, Robson CW (2023). A note on how public transport announcements affect the spread of COVID-19. Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 21 Abstract.

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External Engagement and Impact


Scotland’s Saltire Scholarship, Scotland, UK

External positions

Visiting researcher, the Institute of Economic Research, Kyoto University (KIER), Japan

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Yuxi adheres to the philosophy that 'interest is the best teacher.' She places great importance on student participation during lectures and employs a variety of tools to engage her classes. Techniques such as 'Word Cloud' and interactive platforms like 'Kahoot!' are utilized to make learning more dynamic and interesting.



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